MOONSIDE (n): a music production company created by North Carolina based music producer/sound designer, Justin Nelms.

Nelms is a multi-instrumentalist who's style spans several genres, with a focus on hip-hop, rnb and pop. With over 12 years of experience, he is inspired by an eclectic range of influences. He's had the pleasure of composing original pieces for companies such as Red Hat, DELL, IKEA, WWE and the Dark Water Podcast. Nelms production style has been written about in Complex UK Magazine. His collaborations with producers such as Zaytoven and Andrew Huang have launched his name worldwide. Nelms produces for Deniro Farrar, Tia Corine, Trent The Hooligan, Nige Hood, MOLEKEY and other rising acts.

When he's not writing for others, Nelms is promoting his own personal projects such as the sublime hip-hop instrumentals of REALMS. Nelms is constantly looking to the future with a hopeful eye for any musical opportunity that will further enrich his life.